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Our Services

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We’re a top-rated company that can provide you with the latest information technology services. Our dedicated staff of experts works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs are met at every step, from planning sessions through installation visits or after-sales support options – all designed around giving your business an edge over its competition!

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

Annual Maintenance Agreements (AMC) by Lancer Technologies are way apart and are superior.
We offer business owners total assurance regarding all IT maintenance-related issues.
We ensure the lowest downtime possible with a quick Turn-Around-Time (TAT).

Virtual IT Department

If you're looking for IT Consultancy, look no further than Lancer Technolgy. We're a dynamic company with a great reputation in the field of Information Technology and promises to help you with your problems.


Save time and money with Lancer's outsourced IT management
• Reduce overhead costs by outsourcing your IT needs
• Get the support you need without the hassle of managing a big project
• Hire dedicated staff that will work exclusively on your organization

Tally ERP 9 /Tally Prime

With accurate accounting and simple design, Tally Accountant has become essential.

We are specialized in the Tally start form installation to support & customization.

Data Storage & Backup

With the majority of business operations being computerized, data is generated quicker than ever. The requirement to access the data by multiple concurrent users is becoming more. You can trust our storage solution built on NAS ( Network-attached storage) to provide comfortable and spacious storage and fast retrieval of information.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the future. It has already become the backbone of many industries and will continue to grow in importance in the coming years

Emails Solutions

Email is the backbone of all business communications. We’ll help make sure your emails reach their intended destinations through our range of customized solutions every time!

Security Solutions

Data security is a crucial part of every company’s strategy, no matter what industry. Data breaches can happen at any time, with any organization. Businesses need to have a plan to prevent these data.

Remote Access / VPN

Let us sync your IT with your lifestyle.

In the typical business environment, which is spread to several locations, business owners typically require access to data across multiple sites. It could be one-time access to information for a travelling business executive or a constant link between two locations;

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