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Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions

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Does your local area network continuously slow down, experience poor internet connectivity and constant drop-offs? It’s time to get a proper state-of-the-art network. Even if it didn’t happen immediately or gradually, they would come sooner than expected. So make sure your business is prepared for them by getting a properly designed and planned IT infrastructure that you can count on.

We use the topmost brand in Networking like D-Link, Cisco, Digilink, and other popular brands.

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Our network solutions include:

  • Based on a thorough analysis of your location or site.
  • Always the correct size You spend what you’d use in the future with sufficient headroom.
  • Integrated with top-of-the-line products.
  • It is easy to upgrade without needing to become obsolete.
  • Support that is unmatched Post-installation, deployment, and support.
  • Network (LAN) uptimes as high as 95 percent

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ) How can you ensure strong LANs?

We adhere to established networking protocols and top-quality components to provide you with an unproblematic network.

2. )Should I eliminate LAN wires and go to wireless.

It all depends on the layout of your office and the requirements. Wifi is not like a wired LAN.

3. ) Is wifi secure?

Yes, it is secure, but only if it was considered in creating and placing.

4. )I have wifi, but I receive weak signals in some regions of the office; what do I do?

We need to identify dead spots, and wifi has to be re-positioned or upgraded to deal with it.

The LAN cables aren’t significant enough for this type of connectivity. It would be best if you thought about Fiber Optic connectivity.

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