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Email communications

Email communications

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Email is the backbone of all business communications. We’ll help make sure your emails reach their intended destinations through our range of customized solutions every time! Whether you prefer to host them on our highly available servers over the Internet or deploy your email platforms for hassle-free messaging and collaboration. These Xchange Email Hosting solutions are customizable in a way that will meet your business requirements.

The main benefits of our email solution include:

  • Complete control over the use of email within the company.
  • Simple backup of emails for the entire workforce.
  • Compatible with all commonly employed email software.
  • The ability to scale as the organization grows.
  • Calendars and contacts are shared for efficient team collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are we able to keep and use our existing email addresses with your solution. ?

Yes, using our solution, you’ll be able to keep using your old IDs

2. )Would internal email be dependent on the Internet?

Internal email would work even without the Internet.

3. )Can I continue to use my existing email hosting service? I'm happy with it.

Yes, you can still benefit from our email service.

4. )Do I need to get a dedicated server to support your email service.

It is not, but you could be installed on existing servers.

5. )Do I require the Internet Leased Line for your email service?

No, our email service can be utilized even without a leased line.

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