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Remote Access

Remote Access

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In the typical business environment, which is spread to several locations, business owners typically require access to data across multiple sites. It could be one-time access to information for a traveling business executive or a constant link between two locations; Our service is adaptable to meet all pockets and requirements. We can provide these solutions through VPNs and lease line connectivity.

The main benefits of these remote access solutions are:

  • Access your company’s data from any device.

  • Based on low-cost hardware.

  • Data is as secure as access to local data.

  • ERP use across various locations/branches

  • The costly Internet leasing lines are is not necessary. 

  • Connectivity with low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ) What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects two remote locations by using an external network such as a public or third party like the Internet.

2. )If VPN uses the Internet, is it secure and safe for my personal information?

Yes, all data transmitted via VPN is encrypted, which means it’s safe and secure.

3. ) Do I require a public (Internet) static IP to utilize the VPN solution?

For the efficient operation of VPN, you require static IP addresses.

4. )What does a lease Line?

A leased-line is a continuous telephone line between two offices to allow dedicated communications. It is used for voice and data and is provided through Telecom Companies.

• 5. )Which one is more appropriate? Either a leased phone line or a VPN?

Your suitability is entirely dependent on the requirements for communication and your budget.

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