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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

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Taking threats away from business computing!

The significance of your company’s data is growing every day, as is the number of computer viruses. Businesses need to be protected against data loss due to virus-related infections. We use known and reliable antiviruses such as Quickheal, Symantec, McAfee to ensure your data is safe and protected.

Data security is a crucial part of every company’s strategy, no matter what industry. Data breaches can happen at any time, with any organization. Businesses need to have a plan to prevent these data.

Our firewall products can help you achieve security and efficiency with Internet use. We provide configuration deployment, installation, and support for Cyber roam Sonicwall Fortinet and other well-known brands.

Protect your company’s data today, for peace of mind tomorrow


A few of the main advantages to Our Security Solutions:

  • Twin security against viruses at the PC level and the entry point (gateway).

  • Internet ” connectivity and its extent” is based on department/user needs.

  • Simple managing and monitoring, with numerous reports.

  • World-class products that are robust with back-end support.

  • The best balance between Internet use and productivity of the user.

  • Massive savings in resources for a small cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do I require an expensive antivirus, or is a free antivirus is enough?

It is recommended to buy paid antivirus, which offers more security and protection.

2. )Having an antivirus will ensure that viruses won't infect my PCs?

It implies the PC is secure to a large extent from all viruses.

3. )Do I require a firewall?

If you have many users who share an Internet connection, and the Internet is a significant source, you require a Firewall.

4. )Which antivirus products are you able to offer and provide support for?

We offer Quickheal, Symantec, McAfee, and other top antivirus brands.

5. )Which Firewalls do they sell and also support?

We offer and support Cyber roam, Sonicwall, Fortinet, and many other well-known brands.

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