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Data Storage & Backup

Data Storage & Backup

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Ensuring your data remains with you, forever!

With the majority of business operations being computerized, data is generated quicker than ever. The requirement to access the data by multiple concurrent users is becoming more. You can trust our storage solution built on NAS ( Network-attached storage) to provide comfortable and spacious storage and fast retrieval of information.

We design and build reliable data backup solutions using NAS devices that are the most efficient to restore data in a data loss. Through multiple levels, data lifecycle management is designed to ensure the best equilibrium between data availability and speed to access. We offer, configure, deploy, provide support, and service Qnap, Synology, and other well-known NAS products for backup and storage solutions.

The most reliable data backup solutions

The highlights of our backup and storage solutions include:

  • Data for business is always available.
  • Access to data without the dependence on unstable operating systems.
  • Simple management of centralized data.
  • Fully compatible with security protocols of most operating systems.
  • Data backups that are streamlined and fast and reliable restorations.
  • Storage capacities can be increased as required.
  • Backup of data for business without significant expenditure on backup devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do I have to connect my NAS device to a server or PC?

NAS connects directly with the LAN system.

2. )How many files can I keep in my NAS?

It is possible to store anything between 2 to 20 TB or more.

3.) Are these NAS devices are compatible with RAID technologies?

Yes, these devices are compatible with RAID technologies to provide fault tolerance.

4. )If the PC's program or data is damaged, will it also affect NAS data?

It won’t affect or damage Data.

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